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Academic Essays, Personal Reflections, Theatre, Short Stories... and particularly those things which don't fall into these catagories

[give me time, I'll gather enough courage to put out my literary insights (literal insides) here]

Academic Writing

The following essays are written as part of my coursework/ independent projects. They might not be available publicly to read if they are under peer-review for a journal. Please email me if it interests you


Tell Me Your Despair and I'll Tell You Mine: A Practice-Based Research in Exploring Authorship


Ut Pictura Poesis: The Interpersonal Relationship of Image and Text through Harold Pinter’s play The Caretaker


Three Vultures: The Politics of Gujarati Dalit Movement through Dalpat Chauhan’s Prose


A Misguide to Look At The Sun


Everything Else

Stories, Poetry, Creative Essays...


I Read A Poem On Shampoo

Short Story

Oh Sleep! You Gentle Thing


Ashes From My Slumber

Poem (?)

A Failed Essay

(A work abandoned)

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